Born in London’s Hampstead Garden Suburb in 1951 he attended the progressive King Alfred School Hampstead where he was encouraged to pursue an artistic career. As a young boy he showed an extraordinary ability to skilfully paint scenes from his imagination. The concept of art ‘training’ is an anathema to John and he firmly believes true art comes from the imagination. He admires the child’s ability to spontaneously express their own inner vision, similarly seen in great artists such as Picasso.

He left school as soon as he could and decided to take an apprenticeship at a famous Italian frame maker Gibello.  It wasn’t long before he had his own studio/workshop in Knightsbridge and later Chelsea from where he designed and produced painted furniture for the exclusive interior design market. His prodigious artistic talent ,uncanny colour sense and creative eye soon made his work so sort after that he had to restrict his sales to just a few top interior designers.  His refusal to compromise and insistence on finishing each piece himself meant that he became a victim of his own success. After twenty years he woke up one morning and decided to sell-up and devote more time to painting. He produced a series of large canvases which were exhibited at a very successful two week show at The Cork Street Gallery.

He later became a successful upscale property developer utilising his artistic abilities and strengths in design to create fabulous interiors.

His core creative drive has continued throughout to express it self through his painting. Many compositions incorporate colour, text and texture with dream like figures. The three dimensional effect takes us on a journey into a warm surreal inner world.

John has twice exhibited at the Royal Academy.  Examples of his work are currently on display at the MalvernSpa Malvern. This hotel-spa-complex, opened in 2008, was conceived and created by John Williams.   John works from his studio at home in the Malvern Hills.

John frames many of his paintings with beautiful hand crafted detail.